Beef Jerky


Most of the people in developed countries eat nutritious food. But in developing Countries and undeveloped countries, people are starving for food. Even if they get food, they are not getting nutritious meals.Meat is one of the natural nutritious meal.Of that, beef is the best natural nutritious meal.In this article, we will look at Beef jerky.

Beef Jerky

The meat of cow is called beef.One type of beef meat is called beef jerky.Beef Jerky is the world’s healthiest snack food.It is prepared by removing the fat from the beef.It is made into pieces.Then salt is added to it. It is then dried and made it in the form of snacks. It is free from carbohydrates.It is best suited for people who are in the diet.


Nutritional value of Beef Jerky

Calories are the unit of energy.The energy we get from eating food and drinks is measured in Calories.A 20-gram piece of Jerky contains 82 Calories.Total fat is 5 gram.In that Saturated fat is 2.2grams, Monounsaturated fat is 2.3grams, Polyunsaturated fat is 0.2 grams.Cholesterol is 9.6mg.Sodium is 416.2mg,potassium is 119.4mg.Total Carbohydrate is 2.2gram.Dietary fiber is 0.4 grams.Sugar is 1.8 grams.Protein is 7 grams.Vitamin B12 is 3 percent.It has 6% iron and 2% magnesium.

Flavors and Types

One type of beef jerky is beef jerky chew. It comes in three flavors namely Hickory, Teriyaki, and Spicy.It costs around 20 dollars.Other flavour types include Barbecue,Cajun,Au jus,Pastrami,Honey Teriyaki,Garlic Ginger,Montreal Style. Based on the dietary needs, Jerkys are available. It is available in Sugar-free format,Gluten free types.Grass Fed Jerkies are available.Also, low sodium jerkies are available.High protein type jerkies are also available.It is also classified according to the texture of jerky.It comes in three forms namely Easier to chew, Tougher to chew and somewhere in the middle.It is also classified according to the heat scale. 10 is the highest heat point.


Some of the Jerky Items available in the market are :

● All Natural Beef Biltong- Garlic and Parsley

● Booze-Infused Jerky

● Western Cut Beef Jerky Slabs

● Jerky Circle Shots

● Country Cut Beef Jerky

Apart from Cow, beef jerky taken from other animals such as goat, camel, Turkey, Crocodile, Ostrich, deer, kangaroo, Bison are also available in the market.

100 grams of Jerky contains 410 calories.It has a total fat of 26g out of which saturated fat is 11g which accounts for 55%.It has Polyunsaturated fat of 1g. It has the monounsaturated fat of 11g.It has 48 mg Cholesterol, 2081 mg sodium,597mg Potassium and a total carbohydrate of 11 grams. Dietary fiber is 1.8grams, sugar is 9 grams.Protein is 33 grams. It has 2% of calcium and Vitamin D,16 percentage of Vitamin B12,30 percentage of iron,10 percentage of Vitamin B6 and 12 percentage of magnesium.


Vitamins,Proteins,Minerals are essential for the normal growth of the body. Beef Jerky has all the ingredients in the right combination. As fat is not necessary, only the fat is removed from the beef and it is dried with Salt to prevent it from bacteria attack and it is sold in the market. As malnutrition problem is arising in the underdeveloped countries,Beef Jerky is a best and tasty choice for the problem of malnutrition.