How To Get Around In A Big City

Getting around a big city can certainly be an overwhelming task; especially if one is new to the area. While it can seem impossible, there is a multitude of ways to trek across a city, ensuring that you hit all your intended landmarks and destinations on time. In this guide, we will cover some of those methods, We will look at a range of different modes to suit everybody’s likeness.

One of the first that usually springs to mind when thinking of travel is public transport. Chances are, the city you’re in has a vast public transport network. This can range anywhere from trams, trains, buses, and coaches. Public transport is the easiest to find and navigate (in particular trains) as most stations and stops are clearly labelled, and stick out like a sore thumb. Public transport is usually cheap, comes in very regular intervals, and most stops are in prime locations, to make sure you are never far from your desired destination. Now, travelling via public transport does have it’s downsides; it can sometimes be late or unreliable, peak hours are incredibly busy, and if you do not like travelling with strangers, this probably isn’t the choice for you. Public transport is a 50/50 split when it comes to positives and negatives, but it will make sure you reach your destination in a timely manner.

Similar to public transport, but a little more private, are taxis, or the rapidly growing rideshare market. This industry is arguably more accessible than public transport, as you simp[y need to hail a taxi, or whip out a phone and order a rideshare. Rideshare may not be available in the country or city that you are in, but nearly every place in the world (developed or not) has some sort of taxi service. These options will also take you straight to your destination, usually through the quickest route possible, and are perfect if you want to make it somewhere quickly without hassle. While it is more expensive than public transport, the private nature means you won’t be rubbing shoulders with strangers. Rideshare and Taxi services are perfect for those looking for a direct, (and more reliable) means of travel.

Our final mode of transportation is for the health-conscious, sustainable, and eco friendly. Travelling via bike, scooter or even walking is a great way to add a little exercise, and see the local scenery. Pushbikes can be nearly 100% reliable, and offer speed, without the dangers of stepping into a motor vehicle. You can even invest in a folding bike, in order to combine your travel with something like public transport. If you like the idea of feeling the breeze in your hair but don’t quite feel like exercising, an electric bike is a perfect way to travel through the city. Foldable e-bikes are the pinnacle of city travel, as they are incredibly portable and very fun to ride!

There are many ways to traverse the beautiful city landscape, and only some of them were covered here. I would recommend folding e-bikes (Bike Observer) as the best way around, as it lets you combine multiple ways of travel, as staying eco-friendly and maybe getting a little exercise. To truly experience a city in all its glory, I recommend using all modes of transport at least once.

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